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Results of Criminal Organizations Database Search: Al Gama'a al Islamiya
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Al Gama'a al Islamiya #CR0002113 (Also... Some alternate names are aliases, other are names for specific subgroups or cells). El-Gama'a el Islamiyya Al Gam'a al Islamiyya El Gama'a el Islamiyya The Islamic Group Source: CIA, Interpol, EuroTer, MI-6 Type: Political terrorist organization Scope: Active terrorist organization carrying out attacks mainly in Egypt, but other attacks have been linked to Al Gama'a al Islamiya throughout the Middle East. Affiliations: Al Gama'a al Islamiya is not known to be affiliated with any other terrorist organizations. Although they have shared and received training with the Worldwide Islamic Jihad [#CR0001716] and the Sword of God [#CR0003658], no known links appear to remain. [CIA] Personnel: True strength unknown, but probably several thousand hardcore members and another several thousand sympathizers. [Interpol] Operating Since: 1978 Structure: Religious hierarchy of operational cells, consisting of ten to fifteen operatives each, overseen by a ranking religious superior. Leaders: No single readily identifiable operational leader, although Al Gama'a regard Sheikh Omar Abdurrahman (aka Abd al Rahman [#LL5648317] as their spiritual leader. Legitimate Connections: Al Gama'a receives substantial funding from Iran and Sudan, but no legitimate front organizations are known. [CIA] It is believed that additional funding is filtered from a number of Islamic churches throughout the world. [MI-6] Resources: Smallarms, explosives and some military equipment. Intelligence and support believed to come from the Iranian government. [Interpol] Training is coordinated with the WIJ and the Sword of God. [CIA] Suspected Criminal Activity: Armed attacks against Egyptian security and other government officials, Coptic Christians, Western tourists, and Egyptian opponents of Islamic extremism. In 1995 Western tourists were removed as one of Al Gama'a's targets. It assassinated the speaker of the Egyptian assembly in October 1990 and launched a series of attacks on tourists in Egypt in 1992. The group wounded the Egyptian Information Minister in an assassination attempt in April 1993. Al Gama'a also claimed responsibility for the attempt in June 1995 to assassinate President Hosni Mubarak in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. [EuroTer] Additional Commentary: An indigenous Egyptian Islamic extremist group active since the late 1970s; appears to be loosely organized with no single readily identifiable operational leader. Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman [Shaykh Umar abd al-Rahman] is the preeminent spiritual leader. Their goal is to overthrow the government of President Hosni Mubarak and replace it with an Islamic state. Al Gama'a operates mainly in the Al Minya, Asyu't, and Qina Governorates of southern Egypt. It also appears to have support in Cairo, Alexandria, and other urban locations, particularly among unemployed graduates and students.