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Arab Organization of 15 May #CR0001834 (Also... Some alternate names are aliases, other are names for specific subgroups or cells). 15 May Organization May 15 Organization Source: CIA, EuroTer, Interpol, MI-6 Type: Political terror organization Scope: Highly active terrorist organization carrying out actions at all levels on a broad scope worldwide. [CIA] Affiliations: Probably received logistical and political support from Iraq until 1984. Known links to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine [CR#0001639], as well as close ties to Al Fatah [CR#0002091]. [Interpol] Personnel: 50 to 60 operatives [CIA] Operating Since: 1979 Structure: Military-style hierarchy action squads consisting of between 2 and 5 members each. [MI-6] Leaders: Muhammad Al-Umari (AKA Abu Ibrahim)[#LL5284912], who is also know throughout Middle Eastern terrorism circles as the "bomb man." Legitimate Connections: None known. Resources: Small-arms, explosives, excellent black market and intelligence connections. Minor funding through freelance operations, formerly funded in part by Iraq. [EuroTer] Suspected Criminal Activity: Killed a 22 year old Arab student and wounded a German National in a bombing of the Mount Royal Hotel in London, January 1980. Detonated an explosive device outside the Rome office of El Al Airlines in May 1981 and a second device outside the El Al office at the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport in August 1981. Detonated an explosive device near the Embassy of Israel in Athens, August 1981. Killed one child and wounded 46 persons in the bombing of a Jewish restaurant in West Berlin, January 1982. Killed one person and injured fourteen with a time delayed explosive that detonated on a Pan Am aircraft shortly before landing in Hawaii. Attempted to blow up three airliners in flight, December 1983, two Israel bound, and one headed for New York. All three were discovered prior to detonation. Attempted to blow up an El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Athens in January 1984, a malfunction caused the failure. Two members arrested by Italian police and devices seized for use in attacks on American Express and the American Embassy in Rome, October 1985. Claimed responsibility for several bombings in the early to mid-1980's, including Hotel bombings in London (1980), El Al's Rome and Istanbul offices (1981), and the Israeli embassies in Athens and Vienna (1981). Anti-US attacks including a bombing on board a Pan American flight from Tokyo to Honolulu (August 1982), and an attempted bombing of a Pan American flight in Rio De Janiero (August 1981). The accused bomber in an August 1982 Pan American incident, Muhammad Rashid [#LL5739756] is currently imprisoned in Greece on different charges. Recent bombings on Pan American flights have occurred with the attackers claiming to be members of 15 May Organization. Additional Commentary: Formed in 1979 from remnants of Wadi Haddad's [#LL2286576] Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-Special Operations Group (PFLP-SOG) [#CR0001639] . Led by Muhammad al-Umari [#LL5284912], who is known throughout Palestinian circles as Abu Ibrahim or the bomb man. The organization takes it's name from the date of the founding of Israel, and seek to destroy Israel, as well as intimidate moderates who favor a negotiated settlement of the Palestinian issue. The group is traditionally known for distinctive and highly sophisticated explosive devices. They frequently target undefended public areas, in particular airlines and airports, due to their international visibility. No operations have definitively been attributed to May 15 since the mid-1980's although the group was never part of the PLO [#CR0000318]. Reportedly disbanded in the mid-1980s when several key members joined Colonel Hawari's [#LL3298876] Special Operations Group of Al Fatah [#CR0002091], although several recent bombings raise the possibility that May 15 are active or have been absorbed into other terrorist organizations.