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Black June #CR0002381 (Also... Some alternate names are aliases, other are names for specific subgroups or cells). None known Source: CIA, EuroTer, Interpol, MI-6 Type: Political terrorist organization. Scope: Sporadic but very violent terrorist organization, attacking mainly Israeli and Jewish targets. Affiliations: Known links to Fatah [#CR0002091] and the Abu Nidal Organization [#CR0000716]. [Interpol] Believed to have links to Armed Revolutionary Lebanese Faction [#CR0000972]. [CIA] Believed to have provided support for a number of terrorist actions by the Committee for Solidarity with Arab and Middle Eastern Political Prisoners [#CR0001456]. [MI-6] Personnel: 500 Operating Since: 1976 Structure: Scattered cells of operatives numbering ten to fifteen members each. All units report to a higher cell, thus each unit only knows one other. [CIA] Leaders: Sabri Khalil al-Banna [#LL3619242], founder and former leader. Now leads Abu Nidal Organization. Present leadership unknown. Legitimate Connections: Several business operations and front organizations are believed to exist throughout Europe. Also receives funding from a number of other terrorist organizations. [EuroTer] Resources: Smallarms, explosives and all manner or military hardware. Excellent training and support. Good intelligence capabilities, and moderate funding. Suspected Criminal Activity: Black June tried to kill the Syrian Foreign Minister in 1977 but missed him, killing instead a bystander, the visiting United Arab Emirate's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. Black June has made numerous attacks on PLO representatives and offices abroad. In the period from 1978-1979 they killed Said Hammami, the PLO representative in London, Ali Yassin, PLO representative to Kuwait, Izzidin Qalaq, PLO representative in Paris, and bombed a PLO office in Istanbul in August 1978, killing four people. On 3 June 1982, a Black June gunman attacked and wounded Shlomo Argov, Israeli Ambassador to Britain, which occasioned Israel's invasion of Lebanon a few days later. On 9 August 1982, Black June made a grenade attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris and then opened automatic weapons fire on the restaurant and on a crowd outside a nearby synagogue, killing 6 and wounding 27. On 10 April 1983, Black June again struck at the PLO, killing its delegate Issam Sartawi at a meeting of the Socialist International in Portugal. Additional Commentary: Black June is a non-PLO [#CR0000318] Palestinian group founded by Sabri Khalil al Banna [#LL3619242] (Abu Nidal), a onetime Fatah [#CR000] member who later opposed the PLO's increasing reliance on diplomacy rather than armed struggle. Black June is an Iraqi state-sponsored group with the revolutionary aim of destroying Israel and establishing a Palestinian state by force of arms. Secondary objectives include the use of terrorist coercion against the PLO to punish it for retreating from the use of armed struggle as the primary means for the liberation of Palestine. The Iraqi government also uses Black June as a means of maintaining its own influence over the Palestinian movement and within Lebanon. Black June is one of a number of different groups founded by Abu Nidal and numbers about 500 members. Black June took its name from June 1976 when Phalangist troops with Syrian backing massacred the Palestinian fighters and civilians within the besieged Tal az Zatar refugee camp. Following a truce with Fatah, Black June turned to attacks on Jewish and Israeli targets.