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Chukaku-Ha #CR0001311 (Also... Some alternate names are aliases, other are names for specific subgroups or cells). Nucleus Middle Core Faction Kansai Revolutionary Army Source: Keisato, CIA, MI-6 Type: Political terrorist organization Scope: Frequent attacks against anti-Imperialism, the Government and Japanese expansion of the New Tokyo International Airport. Affiliations: Connections and possible operative exchange with the Japanese Red Army [#CR0000425]. [MI-6] Chukaku-ha is believed to have ties with every Ultra-leftist group within Japan, as well as ties to Japanese organize crime, and the construction unions. Personnel: 200 Operating Since: 1957 Structure: Scattered cells of operatives, numbering between five and ten operatives each. Leaders: Unknown. Legitimate Connections: Chukaku-Ha owns and operates it's own newspaper and printer. Through this they receive donations and money is diverted to the more militant operatives. It is believed they front a number of related front organizations as well, including recycling, a paper mill and a delivery business. [Keisato] Resources: Smallarms, explosives and excellent electronics sources. Training and support is also excellent. Funding is derived from membership dues, sales of its newspapers, and fundraising campaigns. Suspected Criminal Activity: The group relies on the use of homemade but sometimes surprisingly sophisticated incendiary bombs, flamethrowers, mortars, and rockets. Most of their targets have been property, whether the headquarters of the Japanese Liberal-Democratic Party, the national railroad system, U.S. Armed Forces facilities, the Imperial Palace grounds, or government offices. The majority of their attacks involved arson using incendiary bombs and devices or crude mortars and rocketlike devices. They have also been involved in assaults and beatings, sabotage, and murder. The group has used mass rallies of its general membership as feints to draw police attention away from actual targets. On one occasion in the frequent clashes at the construction site of Narita airport, throngs of Chukaku-Ha members armed with Molotov cocktails rushed a police barricade and created a small riot. While police concentrated on holding back the demonstrators, the Chukaku-Ha covert operations specialists burglarized the control tower of the airport, entering through underground service corridors, and then smashed much of the computer equipment there. Launched at least four rockets at the US army base at Zama, near Tokyo, at the start of the G-7 Summit in July 1993. Additional Commentary: An ultraleftist/radical group with origins in the fragmentation of the Japanese Communist Party in 1957. Chukaku-Ha seeks to overturn Japan's constitutional system and monarchy. Chukaku-Ha is not only the largest faction out of the 23 factions that make up the Japanese New Left movement but also the largest militant domestic opposition group in Japan. The group's "anti-Imperialist" position finds practical expression in its protests against the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty while its rejection of the Japanese corporate state is concretely expressed in its frequent attacks on the construction of the New Tokyo International Airport and against the subway and railroad mass-transit systems. Even though Chukaku-Ha can be considered typically leftist because of its membership in the Japanese New Left and its stated objectives and ideals, this group must also be considered anarchistic insofar as its program seems more intent on destroying the existing Japanese corporate state rather than building an alternative socialist state. Chukaku-Ha is not known to have any foreign state sponsors. Almost all of their activities have taken place within Japan while their base membership of 3,500 members supports the 200 or so full-time activists. Among the full-time activists are members of the Kansai Revolutionary Army, the group's covert active measures group that actually carries out most of the group's terrorism.