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Amber the diceless RPG based on Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber
.....The Amber Mush Page
Chaosium makers of Elric, Nephilim, Pendragon and the cult classic Call of Cthulhu.
.....Nomad's of the Time Stream
FASA the creators of Shadow Run, Battletech and Earthdawn
.....Death's Retreat
Flying Buffalo makers of Tunnel's & Trolls, Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes. Also Grim Tooth's Traps (nasty traps they are!!)
.....Tunnels and Trolls
Global Games creators of Planetstorm, Inferno and Legions Of Steel. Based in Toronto.
.....LOS Page
TSR the makers of AD&D, the first game I played on a regular basis.
.....The Archives of Undermountain
.....The Cathedral:East Wing
Hero Games makers of Champions the superhero Role Playing Game!
.....Project Pegasus
.....Sign Posts
.....Theala's Page
.....The Crusaders
ICE Iron Crown Enterprises..makers of Rolemaster, Middle Earth, Silent Death and more!
.....Shadow World
Precedence Games the makers of Immortals, a game similiar in mechanics to the various White Wolf games..well vaguely..*G* A very good system!
.....Mauro's Immortal Page
Imperium Games the new owners of the Traveller licence! When GDW died at the beginning of 1997, Marc Miller grabbed the rights and off he went!!
.....The Draconis Cluster
ODS Optimus Designs Systems..makers of BattleLords the RPG, perhaps one of the most interesting games out there!!
.....Quintessential BattleLords
Steve Jackson creators of Gurps, Illuminati, Toon, Car Wars, and FINALLY In Nomine...among other games!!
.....The AADA
.....In Nomine
Target Games original producers of Mutant Chronicles (and its excellent artwork) and Kult
.....Kult Homepage
UNI Games the makers of Living Legends, formerly Villian's and Vigilantes.
.....Justice Carmon's V&V/LL Page
White Wolf games include Streetfighter, Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling and Wraith. An over all good system
.....The Camarilla
.....Manus Nigrum, The Sabbat!

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