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Gray Wolves #CR0000822 (Also... Some alternate names are aliases, other are names for specific subgroups or cells). National Action Party The National Movement Party Milliyetci Hareket Partisi MHP National Workers Party Milliyetci Calisma Partisi MCP Source: CIA, Interpol, EuroTer Type: Political terrorist organization Scope: Fascist/right wing terrorist organization, that frequently carries out terrorist acts on its own ideology against mainly Kurdish targets. Although centered in Turkey it has 80 branches worldwide. [Interpol] Affiliations: No known ties to other terrorist organizations, although the MHP does receive training indirectly from GSG-9. They also maintain ties with MIT (Turkish Intelligence) and are believed to have ties to Islamic fundamentalists. [EuroTer] Personnel: 26000 [CIA] Operating Since: 1961 Structure: A democracy overseen by a leader and a variety of ministers. Leaders: Alparslan Turkes [#LL3699012], founder, Azmi Karamahmutoglu [#LL], President, Mehmet Aslan [#LL3791542], President in Cyprus, Kenan Akin [#LL4135268], minister of agriculture, forests and natural resources, Erdal Emanet [#LL4865213], commander of the special forces. Legitimate Connections: The "Hollanda Turk Federasyon" which organized a congress, is one of the many cover- organizations of the MHP abroad. The Turkish state has made it its goal to estrange the European population from the Kurdish national liberation struggle and the democratic forces of Turkey. The Grey Wolves control a segment of the Turkish political organization namely the National Movement Party. [Interpol] Resources: Smallarms, explosives and all variety of military equipment. Excellent training (German GSG-9) and training facilities. Excellent intelligence and support from Turkish intelligence. [EuroTer] Suspected Criminal Activity: Thousands of acts of political assassination, random murders, and attacks against mostly Kurdish targets. A common attack occurred in May of 1977, in Istanbul. 39 workers were shot by fascists and driven over by armored cars, more than 200 other workers were wounded. On March 10, 1978 MHP-fascists and agents from the contra- guerrilla throw bombs to the exit of the University of Istanbul and open fire upon the people with machineguns. 6 democrats die and 50 students are wounded. A number of the MHP attacks are jointly organized by the MHP, MIT and the contra-guerrilla, in seeming random acts they have cost the live of thousands of people. Women, children and the elderly are murdered at random. Shops and houses are set on fire. A significant portion of its public activity in general, is dedicated to spreading anti-Kurdish hatred. Additional Commentary: The Bozkurtlar form the university student and youth wing of the National Action Party, a secular, Pan-Turkist party of the extreme right-wing of Turkish politics. Originally a student group organized in the late 1960s to oppose Marxist-Leninist students in the universities of Turkey, once the Grey Wolves were put under the direction of NAP leader Col. Alparslan Turkes in 1976 they turned into a right-wing death squad. By 1980 the group was reputed to have committed 694 political murders. Since Turkes became Deputy Prime Minister in a coalition government that included the NAP, the Grey Wolves may be regarded as having been a quasi-state-sponsored repressive group. Turkes ran two commando-style training camps outside Ankara and Izmir for the Grey Wolves. The group also proselytized younger expatriate workers living in western Europe. Before being recruited by the Bulgarian secret police, Mehmet Ali Agca [#LL5984325] had once been a Grey Wolf member and had murdered a leftist Turkish newspaper editor, Abdi Ipekci, prior to his attempt to kill Pope John Paul II on 13 May 1981. With the imposition of military rule in Turkey in September 1980, the terrorist activities of the Grey Wolves were constrained with the crackdown on all paramilitary and political groups that followed. After the military coup of September 12, 1980, the MHP, like all other parties, was banned. Turkes, who was arrested shortly after the putsch and put on trial, was released from prison for health reasons in April 1985 and sentenced in 1987 to an 11-year prison term, which he did not have to serve on account of an amnesty law which was passed. In the meantime, the National Workers Party (MCP) was founded in 1983 as a successor to the MHP. Other former MHP members had already joined the ranks of other parties, such as the Motherland Party (ANAP) of T. Ozal. Turkes became chairman of the MCP after the ban on political activity against certain party functionaries was lifted after a referendum on September 6, 1987. In 1992, the party returned to its tradition in both words and deeds and is once again known as the MHP. A significant portion of the MHP's election propaganda, and most of its public activity in general, is dedicated to spreading anti-Kurdish hatred. At the parliamentary political level, the MHP plays an important role in formulating nationalist state propaganda, which has been directed against the Kurdish people more and more since the 1980s, particularly through creating a fiendish image of the PKK. For example, in 1992, Turkes stated that the "separatists", in other words the PKK, were been trained in camps located in Greek-controlled southern Cyprus. (This connecting of "old" enemies with contemporary themes is a favorite activity of Turkes. He thereby draws the Greeks into the matter, too. For a while, Turkish newspapers spread rumors that PKK members were primarily Armenians.) That same year, Turkes stated publicly once again that the Kurds had descended from the Turkish "race". "Every vote for the MHP is a blow against the PKK", Turkes said, during an election rally before the regional elections in March 1994, as he made the Grey Wolves hand-sign with his hands. MHP members sometimes operate under the name "Bozkurt", which means Grey Wolves. Another significant pillar of the MHP's ideology is the idea of creating the Turan, the Great Turkish Empire. Thus, they pay close attention to developments in the countries of the former Soviet Union where so-called Turkish peoples live, namely Azerbaidjan, Turkmenistan, Kazachstan, Uzbekistan, and Kirgistan. The "Basbug" (a word which roughly means leader, in this case Turkes) is not an unknown figure in those lands. More important than election results in the MHP's influence on state institutions, and this influence is not insignificant. But the MHP's election success in March 1994 has made the party more bold. According to reports from people who recently visited Turkey, MHP fascists are now appearing publicly more than they ever have in the past; they even put Grey Wolves symbols on their cars. Attacks on leftists and unfavored student associations at various universities have not only been carried out by Islamic fundamentalists over the past few years, but also by Grey Wolves as well. Their ideology is called Turanism. The adherents of this ideology see "their own people" the Turkish people as a superior race. "The whole world" belongs "to them". They dream of world domination. The MHP-fascists want a "Greater Turkey". Concretely this means they want to subject all people and countries, from the Caucasus to the Balkans and from the Balkans through to Middle Asia to their slavery and put them under Turkish rule. Their active support and propagandistic contributions for the fascist and racist Turkish state is best proof of this. Their ideology does not allow any national rights to the Kurds, Armenians, Laz, Arabs, Syrians, etc. who live in Turkey (speaking freely in their native tongue, learning this language or publishing in it, etc.). The MHP does not even recognize these peoples and threatens to "cleanse" society from non-Turkish "elements" and it tries to put this threat into practice. A slogan, used by the MHP, goes: "Either you become Turks and become proud to be a Turk, or you'll have to reckon with your extermination." The "elite army" is subordinated to the general staff of the Turkish armed forces. The personnel from this "special army" consists of experienced and especially selected personnel from the Turkish armed forces. This "elite army" receives special training, given by especially experienced members of the Turkish armed forces. The training personnel is partly trained by the German GSG-9. The members of this special army are preferably chosen among members of the murderous, fascist MHP. The task of this "elite army" is in fact attacking the national liberation struggle of the Kurds and other revolutionary organizations and the execution of pogroms. In the areas, inhabited by Kurds, the "elite-units" set fire to the villages, oppresses the people by all conceivable means, and murder the villagers. The last action of the MHP in Europe was organizing the big demonstration as a protest against the founding of the Kurdish parliament-in- exile in The Hague. Everyone could see on Dutch television how thousands of Turkish nationalists made the sign of the Grey Wolves. The ring-finger and the middle finger against the thumb, and the pink and forefinger up, representing the head of a wolf. The group is estimated to have about 26,000 members in about 80 branches.