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Results of Criminal Organizations Database Search: November 17
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November 17 #CR0001747 (Also... Some alternate names are aliases, other are names for specific subgroups or cells). Revolutionary Organization 17 November Source: Interpol, EuroTer Type: Political terrorist organization Scope: A sporadic terrorist organization active exclusively in Greece, targeting U.S., Greek, Turkish and E.C. targets. Affiliations: None known, although Interpol believes there are links with other Greek terrorist organizations. Personnel: Unknown, but presumed to be around 20. Operating Since: 1975 Structure: Organization of scattered terrorist cells consisting of 3 to 5 members each. [EuroTer] Leaders: Unknown Legitimate Connections: Unknown Resources: May receive support from other Greek terrorist group cadres. Suspected Criminal Activity: Initial attacks were selected handgun assassinations against senior US officials, including US Embassy official Richard Welch in 1975 and US Navy Capt. George Tsantes in 1983. Began assassinating Greek officials and public figures in 1976 and added bombings, including attacks against US military buses in 1987 and assassination of US defense attaché William Nordeen in 1988. Since 1990 has ex