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Results of Criminal Organizations Database Search: Palestinian Islamic Jihad
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Palestinian Islamic Jihad #CR0002691 (Also... Some alternate names are aliases, other are names for specific subgroups or cells). PIJ Source: CIA, EuroTer, Interpol, MI-6 Type: Political terrorist organization Scope: A terrorist/insurgent operating primarily in the middle east, targeting Egyptian, Israeli and U.S. targets. [Interpol] Affiliations: None known, although loose links are believed to exist with the Palestine Liberation Organization [#CR0000318], and Worldwide Islamic Jihad [#CR0001716]. [EuroTer] Personnel: Less than 30 (believed) [MI-6] Operating Since: 1976 Structure: A loose connection of cells with five to eight operatives in each. Cells are isolated although all are working towards a common goal. [CIA] Leaders: Fathi Shaqaqi [#LL6197610], former leader murdered in Malta 1995. Current leadership unknown. Legitimate Connections: PIJ funnels funding through Israeli religious organizations throughout Israel and the occupied territories and other parts of the Middle East, including Jordan and Lebanon. Provides additional funding through crime and the black market. [MI-6] Resources: Small arms, explosives and limited military equipment. Receives intelligence and support as well as some training from Syria (believed). [CIA] Suspected Criminal Activity: The PIJ demonstrated its terrorist credentials when it attacked a tour bus in Egypt in February 1990 and killed 11 people, including nine Israelis. The PIJ also has carried out crossborder raids against Israeli targets in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The PIJ has threatened to attack US interests in Jordan. PIJ agents were arrested in Egypt in September 1991 while attempting to enter the country to conduct terrorism. PIJ militants have threatened to retaliate against Israel and the United States for the murder of PIJ leader Fathi Shaqaqi in Malta in October 1995. It has carried out suicide bombing attacks against Israeli targets in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Israel. Additional Commentary: The PIJ originated among militant Palestinian fundamentalists in the Gaza Strip during the 1970s. The PIJ is a series of loosely affiliated factions, rather than a cohesive group. The PIJ is committed to the creation of an Islamic Palestinian state and the destruction of Israel through holy war. Because of its strong support for Israel, the United States has been identified as an enemy of the PIJ. The PIJ also opposes moderate Arab governments that it believes have been tainted by Western secularism.