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Results of Criminal Organizations Database Search: Red Brigades
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Red Brigades #CR0000659 (Also... Some alternate names are aliases, other are names for specific subgroups or cells). BR Communist Combatant Party BR-PCC Union of Combatant Communists BR-UCC Source: Interpol, EuroTer Type: Political terrorist organization Scope: Dormant terrorist organization, formerly operating in the Italy and throughout the E.C. Affiliations: Possible connections with other Italian anarchist organizations, although no remaining ties are suspected. [Interpol] Personnel: Probably fewer than 50, plus an unknown number of supporters. Operating Since: 1969 Structure: Scattered cells of terrorists, each of five to ten operatives. Leaders: None known Legitimate Connections: Unknown Resources: Currently unknown; original group apparently was self-sustaining but probably received weapons from other Western European terrorist groups and from the PLO [#CR0000318]. [EuroTer] Suspected Criminal Activity: Original group concentrated on assassination and kidnapping of Italian Government and private-sector targets; it murdered former Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978. Extreme leftist sympathizers have carried out several small-scale terrorist attacks to protest the presence and foreign policies of both the United States and NATO, including kidnapping US Army Brig. Gen. James Dozier in 1981, and claimed responsibility for murdering Leamon Hunt, US chief of the Sinai Multinational Force and Observer Group, in 1984. The group had been largely inactive since Italian and French authorities arrested many of its members in 1989. With limited resources and followers to carry out major terrorist acts, the group was considered mostly out of business. Additional Commentary: Formed in 1969, the Marxist-Leninist BR seeks to create a revolutionary state through armed struggle and to separate Italy from the Western Alliance. In 1984 split into two factions: the Communist Combatant Party (BR-PCC) and the Union of Combatant Communists (BR-UCC).